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Yemen Emergency Appeal – Donate To Help Yemen Today

Yemen is currently in a crisis of humanitarian nature. The world’s most deadly cholera outbreak has killed thousands and caused tens of thousands more ill, while hunger strikes continue throughout the country, as people peacefully protest against the oppression of government forces who are also accused of launching unrestrained bombing operations against rebel-held zones with no consideration for civilian lives or infrastructure targets.

Yemen has 16 million people daily hungry. The health system in Yemen is in fact broken due to seven years of war. There is no other source of help other than at home, living or dead COVID19 virus sufferers are simply wasting away due to the fact that medical professionals do not have access to their communities anymore; Too focused on fighting one another than trying to save lives.

The country’s degrading conditions create a perfect environment to facilitate HIV transmission. 4 million people are living in poverty and have no permanent home and can’t eat since food prices continue increase, while wages are low. The country is not able to make enough money available for essential needs such as access to clean water and healthcare. That’s why fighting the spread of this deadly disease is nearly impossible without the help of foreigners however, we must act quickly before it’s too far too late.

While the Yemenite population has been fighting Cholera spreading for a while however, they are not in danger. There’s a little optimism with the help of international organisations like Save The Children US and World Vision UK, along with COVID-19.

How do you make sure that your donation to Welfare Trusts is helping the people of Yemen

The welfare trusts offer food and water to millions of people during times of immense suffering. They also supply COVID-19 hygiene kits to stop the spread of the deadly virus, which has already claimed the lives of many in Yemen.

Over the past few years, Welfare trusts have been tirelessly working in Yemen to help those that are most in need. They continue to provide humanitarian assistance in the most difficult situations where they have to contend with conflict and difficulties reaching their desired locations which is the reason there’s the need for international agencies similar to them.

We are happy to know that assistance is readily available at the midst of a period when people are struggling to make ends meets. Its aim is to aid those in need to escape poverty through working with local partners and providing cash, food and other basic supplies.

Women in Yemen are getting an opportunity to live their lives again thanks to the many generous donors who donate their time and funds to help this cause. A welfare trust, maternity hospitals are funded by charitable donations so that all women can safely deliver babies without the risk of health problems or water deficiency during labor. Rehabilitation centers provide post-birth treatment that includes medication, if needed and psychological assistance before mothers can return into society again.

In response to COVID-19 many welfare trusts now offer hygiene kits to families that live in makeshift camps and also safe drinking water so it can be utilized in public facilities like schools or hospitals.

For more information, click yemen charity


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