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Why Use Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits At The Workplace?

Federal law requires that employers provide a drug-free working environment. In addition, it is in the organization’s best interest for employees to remain safe, but also to be healthy in their work environment as they are able to contribute more than just their salary by their creativity and innovative thinking that could boost productivity and company overall results. Employers can provide a secure atmosphere without compromising safety or efficiency by conducting tests at the workplace.

The use of testing kits for drugs becomes imperative when it comes to workplace urine tests. They are not only simple enough for the majority of people, but also because results can be quickly and easily obtained with just one test confirming whether or not your employee has been using drugs at work , provided you are aware of the drug he was taking beforehand. The kits are useful for situations where one isn’t sure of the kind of substance or quantity caused the positive result. Multi-panel kits enable users to have access to several panels and provide precise data from all classes.

Employers can make use of the multi-panel system to determine if their employees are using prescription drugs. Multi-panel kits are able to detect numerous drugs and newcomer tests. There’s no reason to be concerned about being caught out when it comes to taking care of business.

The most frequently used drug test kit available in the present is the urine test. They are able to detect between 2 and 12 drugs at the same time, including marijuana and cocaine. But, they can also identify other drugs of choice like amphetamines and barbiturates. Specific antibodies in urine bind to these substances and cause an alteration in color after exposure to microwaves on its surface.

These are the main reasons why you should consider them

Many employees are concerned about privacy concerns because single drug tests are able to detect specific substances. Multi-panel kits are able to detect more substances. This is due to the fact that they require less repeat testing as compared to single-panel kits. Single panel kits can be expensive and aren’t performed as often or as frequently as employers would prefer. All it depends on is your corporate culture. Listed below are a few benefits:

The drug test detects both prescription and illicit drugs. Employees can’t avoid detection. Employers who don’t care enough about employees’ health after they have stopped using drugs are often too poor to recognize these issues.

The majority of employees would rather give their samples if they have the choice. An employer can easily collect one set of samples from employees and submit it, which will save time and avoid any awkward interactions with coworkers who may use substances in the workplace.

Employers can employ drug tests to make sure that employees aren’t addicts to drugs. However, it can be costly for employers that must each employee’s individual test using individual kits that cost more than tests with multiple panels that do not require the same number of samples from every employee, which can decrease costs in some instances.

Employees and employers will both find the test kits simple to use without professional assistance. These can be used at any time, even while working.

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