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What Makes Bullheaded NFTs Unique?

The industry of non-fungible tokens is flourishing. Everyday, new but generally low-quality, projects are added to the market of NFTs. Bullheaded NFTs was born in the hope to develop something that can be considered as one of the top of the best including Azuki as well as the Bored Ape Yacht Club. We are pleased to say that we’ve succeeded. Read on to find out the ways to get involved before people get familiar with us.

What is Bullheaded Non-Footiles?

Bullheaded NFTs, 7,777 fully custom-designed items, show bully breed dogs that come in a variety styles, backgrounds, or other traits. The entire collection is registered on the Ethereum blockchain, with every token being based on the ERC-721 standard, which assures security of ownership, as well as the security of transactions for future holders. Our collection is designed to imitate the success of other international renowned projects.

The Bullheaded NFTs will provide this, and much more: The collection will not just be among the broadest and beautiful artworks available in the art world, but will offer a range of benefits and perks for holders that will create an organic demand and increase value for the BullHeads.

What makes Bullheaded NFTs unique?

Let’s take a closer look at what makes BullHeads different from other brands. We must not overlook the exceptional quality and variety of their artwork. Each BullHead is a random assortment of over 160 traits and specs. Each BullHead features a unique personality that includes a lively mix of contemporary eyewear, clothing and weapon as well as an attractive facial expression. BullHeads are predicted to be extremely sought-after and their prices will rise substantially when they are publicly traded.

Now we will move on to the special advantages and features of owning the BullHead. We wanted to create intellectual property of worth a lot of money without any use and make full use of digital ownership through NFTs. This was done to offer BullHeads numerous advantages. By the time of the launch, they will have access to an exclusive club of world holders, benefits related to blockchain, and private events. There are many more coming from the fields of DeFi Gaming, P2E Airdrops, BullHead’s DAO and other such.

What is the Bullheaded NFTs’ roadmap?

We are proud to have an exciting plan for the future that promises to bring exciting moments. Bullheaded NFT’s future is looking like a thrilling journey. You’ll never want it to end.

How do you obtain your Bullheaded NFT

Join our social media accounts, and you can get the BullHeads pre-minted for 0.7 ETC plus gas. Or, grab your piece at the public mint for 0.8 ETC and gas. Let’s embark on this journey together. The Bullheaded community is waiting to welcome you.

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