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What is Latency? How Latency Works

The term “latency” refers to the amount of duration it takes for your PC and other devices in response to an action such as clicking an online link. Although this won’t affect most users’ Spotify listening or streaming videos, it may create problems for gamers who use satellite internet. Satellite internet functions with greater precision than wired connections. It can also cause poor gaming performance because of the high rate of loss of packets due to lengthy pings.

The latency of your input is how your input feels (in this instance an anchor), and how fast it gets delivered to others. It can also impact your response time if you play online video games or view YouTube videos on the internet. This is because they may not be 100 precise in their timing due to their speed in fiber optic cables.

What causes Latency?

Gaming and End-users who love the ability to access their preferred content from any location and at any time are affected by latency. Latency can be affected by factors like the distance between you (and the server) and any other intermediary factors such as Wi-Fi speed and internet connection type. Also, you can have an effect on the modem/router combination that you are using There are numerous options! It doesn’t need to be difficult If you’re confused initially. We’ll go over each step of the process below.


The term “latency” refers to the amount of time taken for information from one point in time to reach the next. It’s the distance between your computer and any server(s), which is how much data you request from the server. If this distance isn’t sufficient, there will be an increase of latency.

Propagation Delay

One of the primary elements in determining how much delay you experience while browsing using your computer or mobile device is known as “propagation delay.” It’s simple to think about this as just one piece but it is a factor in every other measure of bandwidth and speed of connection that is considered, which includes speed of downloads (because they depend on receiving data packets back from where they’re sent) as well as uploads, which depend on having a network interface card. The same applies when connecting wirelessly.

The types of Internet connections

There is a huge distinction in the latency for various internet connections. Cable, DSL and fiber have lower latencies while satellite is greater due to its design configuration that needs more physical space for transmission which means long wait times aswell as increased buffering capabilities on sites that you wish to gain access to, such as videos or audio files, etc.

What’s on a website?

Have you ever clicked on a link and waited several minutes for the website to load? It was because they were trying to make their Angelfire website look nice. They put The Office memes all over it, and now each time go there it takes longer than it normally does.

If you visit a site which contains large files such as HD videos or images your web browser will need to download the entire collection. In the event that they’re hosted on an external server that is far from the site you’re visiting right now, there might be some latency thanks for the distance.

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