pacific coast vineyards

pacific coast vineyards
Vineyards on the California coast.
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Pacific Coast Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard in the heart of the Central Coast of California. Our objective is to make handcrafted wines of the greatest quality from small bespoke vineyards.

These vineyards are located along the California coast line, where the grapes can achieve their full potential due to the sunny slopes and coastal influences. Todd Schaefer, the winemaker, handpicks all of the vineyards and grapes to create one-of-a-kind wines.


Visit our winery, take a stroll around the expansive garden landscape of the home, sample and enjoy in the Abhof store, or peek into the wine vaults after our UNPLUGGED tour. We eagerly await your arrival!


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our mission

We don’t believe in following a recipe or doing the same thing over and over again. Every vintage offers its own tale, just as each crop has its unique traits. Our winemaker is both methodical and quirky in his approach.